How To Configure Big Data Hadoop In Just A Few Steps Using Ansible Automated Script

Hey guys hope you all are doing good today in this article we are going to set the Hadoop name node and data node with the power of ansible.

If you have not checked my previous article on ansible I recommend you to read that first in that we have talked about how to configure yum that is necessary for any practical and in that we have also covered how to automate docker using ansible.

First, we have to set our inventory file for that we have made two groups controller and data so that when we run playbook we can specify the groups because we don’t want our data node server to set up as a name node. Once the inventory is setup repeat the same steps to set up an ansible configuration file and checking connectivity as shown in the above article.


Once All the steps are done make a new folder for setting name node from the command:-



For setting up the name node we have to edit two files hdfs-site.xml and core-site.xml so we have to make a clone of those files in our ansible controller node.

we have use the jinja template inside the core-site.xml file.

we also need Hadoop and JDK installation file so that we can copy in target node and install them.

Deploying playbook

Once we are done with all required files we can deploy our playbook.

As you can see below we have successfully set up the name node

Name node running

All the playbooks will be in GitHub attached at the end and the installation file in the drive link attached at the end.😎

Once done with setting up the name node now let's move to set up the data node first create a new folder to setup datanode

In that folder, we need the same files as we required to set up in name node only change which we have to to do that is in hdfs-site.xml file that is shown below

hdfs-sire.xml file
Datanode started
Datanode connected

Guys, here we come to the end of this blog I hope you all like it and found it informative. If have any query feel free to reach me :)

Github link:-

Drive link:

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