How To Make Ansible Role And Integrate them

roles_path= your path
ansible-galaxy role init “name of role you want to give”
 — -
# tasks file for mylb
- name: “Installing haproxy”
name: “haproxy”
— name: “editing and pasting haproxy file”
src: haproxy.cfg
dest: /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
— name: “starting ha proxy serice”
name: “haproxy”
state: restarted
enabled: yes
— name: “disabling selinux”
policy: targeted
state: permissive
 — -
# tasks file for myweb
- name: “installing http and php”
— httpd
— php
state: present
— name: “putting index.php file in backend server”
src: index.php
dest: /var/www/html/index.php
— name: “starting haproxy server”
name: httpd
state: started
- hosts: localhost
- name:calling mylb role to configure haproxy
name: mylb
- hosts: b
- name:calling myweb role to configure webserver
name: myweb
role running successfully




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Gupta Aditya

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