How To create Kubernetes Multi-Node Cluster Over Multi-Cloud

kubeadm init — pod-network-cidr={{ pod_network_cidr }} — control-plane-endpoint={{ control_plane_endpoint_ip }}:6443 — ignore-preflight-errors=NumCPU — ignore-preflight-errors=Mem

1. Install Docker

$ vim /etc/yum.repos.d/docker.repo
$ yum install docker-ce --nobest

2. Install Python and required docker dependencies

$ yum install python3
$ pip3 install docker

3. Configure docker and start docker services

$ mkdir /etc/docker
$ vim /etc/docker/daemon.json
$ systemctl start docker$ systemctl enable docker

4. Install Kubernetes

$ vim /etc/yum.repos.d/kubernetes.repo
$ yum install kubelet kubeadm kubectl -y
$ systemctl start kubelet$ systemctl enable kubelet

5. Install iproute-tc package

$ yum install iproute-tc
$ vim /etc/sysctl.d/k8s.conf
$ sysctl --system

6. Joining the slave node



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