How Organisation Using Neural Network To Grow

Hey guys hope you all good today's article will not going to be so much practical today we are going to see how organization using neural network.

Agree or not but in today's world, we all are using a neural network to process our work in the most efficient way and faster way.

Now some of you might be thinking what is a neural network? you might know ML/AI but for some of you, neural network is quite a new word.

Let's take an example of pineapple how you tell that some fruit Is pineapple first we see the texture of the surface from an appropriate organ-like we can not use the ear for checking the texture of a pineapple but we can use eyes and hands to see the texture and now once you get sure about texture we can not tell it is pineapple only we check its color, shape, size and after that we tell we are sure it is pineapple in same way neural network work take input and pass in proceeding layer containing neurons.

I hope you got some essence of what neural network is now let us see few examples where it has been using we all know NASA they are developing their AI application for analyses of space images more accurately and develop autonomous spacecraft that could avoid space debris without human intervention, create communication networks more efficient and distortion-free by using an AI-based cognitive radio just though of it spacecraft handled by ai without human intervention isn't it sounds amazing? But the above thing is yet to be discovered but NASA use AI in one the product called mars rover now we can not every time control rover from remote so in that they have use computer vision are on neural network so that it can move by avoiding an obstacle in the path.

In the same Tesla using Neural network technology for their self-driven car, we have recently heard Instagram making an AI application that will delete offending comments from people's post, Google has created a machine that dreams they are using more than 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) that transmit the nerve impulses enabling all of our bodily processes.

Below is a sample image for google machine that dreams.

Guys, here we come to end this is not much of a technical blog it’s just a small piece of information I want to share with you all hope you like it and found it informative.

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