Deploying WordPress On EC2 Instance Using AWS RDS

yum install httpd=> to install apache serversystemctl start httpd => to start the apache web serversystemctl enable httpd => to enable the apache web server
cd /var/www/html => to go to main server folder
wget => to download wordpress
tar -xzvf latest.tar.gzcd => to unzip the wordpress
cd wordpress => to go inside the wordpres folder
mv wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php => to make the config file of Wordpress
vi wp-config.php => to edit the config file of wordpress
yum install -y amzon-linux-extras
yum install php-cli php-pdo php-fpm php-json php-mysqlnd
amzon-linux-extras | grep php
amazon-linux-extras enable php7.4
yum install php=> to install php
Php version 7 is upgraded




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Gupta Aditya

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